Heading Home

We were up to catch the early tour of Neuschwanstein and it is a beautiful thing that crazy Ludwig did.  The first picture is the castle that Konig Ludwig built.  The second is his daddy’s house right across the valley.

DSC_3469  DSC_3475

They are both perched on a hillside and have great views of the valley.


We toured the castle, but they only allow pictures from the outside.  Ludwig died prior to finishing the castle and it was never completed, but what he did get completed was done in grand style.

DSC_3484  DSC_3488

DSC_3491  DSC_3495

Looks a lot like the Disneyland castle right?  There is a reason for that.

DSC_3496  DSC_3506


We then drove back to Munich stopping only to wash and vacuum the car.  This is required by customs so we don’t accidently bring back some noxious weeds or something.  The car was parked outside the hotel at the airport when this picture was taken.  Note the ticket on the windshield.  The hotel had some dignitary getting ready to depart so they asked me to move the car from the check in loop down the road a few feet and they sent a bell girl to help us with our luggage.  When I returned I had the ticket.  The hotel apologized and took care of the ticket and sent us up some snacks to assuage the inconvenience we experienced.  I was happy to just throw the ticket in the trash as the car and I will be out of country shortly.


I checked the car into the BMW return area and took this shot of the dash.  5322 Miles (I changed it to miles prior to taking the picture — no more kilometers for this car)  The car had 4 when I picked it up making a grand driving tour of 5318 miles.


We will catch our plane in a few hours, and I will make a summary of our trip in a final post in a couple of days, but for now — so long to Europe.  It has been a real adventure.

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