Liechtenstein and Neuschwanstein

We bid a fond farewell to Hanna and Tino this morning and headed off to Liechtenstein.  After the nav system decided to loop us around Zurich for a couple of times we finally got straightened out and were off.  Liechtenstein is a push pin stop for the afternoon.  We mostly wanted to see the Vaduz castle which is perched above the city.  The city itself is a mix between old and new as you can see from the shots below.

DSC_3449  DSC_3453

DSC_3454  DSC_3457


This is a shot straight up at the castle from the city.  We had coffee and Sushi in the city and then headed up to the castle.


The view of the valley below is spectacular from the castle grounds.

DSC_3460  DSC_3461

No tours or entry allowed so we were just happy to see it and take in the view.  After this we drove to Hohenchwangau where we had reserved a room for the night.  Our goal is to see Neuschwanstein tomorrow.  Here is a picture of it from our hotel window.  We booked a tour for the morning.


This is also the view form our hotel window.  It doesn’t really clearly depict the steepness and the breadth of the scene.  This is southern Germany near Austria and we are in the alps.


After the tour tomorrow we will head to Munich to drop the car back to BMW to prepare for shipping and stay at the airport for our return flight on Thursday.  I guess our adventure is coming to an end.  More tomorrow.

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