Zurich, Switzerland

JoAnn and I headed for Zurich by train today.  It is a :30 minute ride directly to downtown and I did not have to find and pay for parking.  Hanna and Tino started back to work today so we met Hanna’s brother David for a tour of the town.  We walked for a couple of hours down Bahnhofstrasse and did some shopping and then took a boat ride on Lake Zurich prior to meeting David.  These are pictures of downtown Zurich.

DSC_3415  DSC_3423

The boat is a part of the city transit system so we buzzed around the lake and saw the city and the surrounding area.

DSC_3426  DSC_3432


There is a very cool fountain near the downtown area of lake Zurich.  It comes right out of the lake similar to Lake Geneva.


The view of the downtown area is very nice from the boat.


We met David after the boat ride and he took us to the University area.  This is the Zurich Technical University and his university is close by.


The view from the Tech University towards the town is pretty spectacular.  Later we went to the biggest skyscraper in Zurich and we went to the cloud café for a drink.  It was very nice and a great view of the city.


We then went to dinner at Die Waid and had a great dinner with the family.  This is a view from the restaurant terrace where we sat with Lake Zurich in the background.

DSC_3447  photo

Tomorrow we leave Switzerland.  I have made arrangements to return the car today.

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