Eglisau, Switzerland

We arrived at Hanna and Tinos yesterday.  They live in a very nice house on the hill overlooking their village.  In many ways their village reminds me of a model train set.  In the first picture you can see the train running around the foothill.  The second is the church.

DSC_3399  DSC_3411

Yesterday we walked through the town, went up to the Munot fort and had ice cream.  Then Hanna and Tino took us out to meet Hanna’s Mother Annemarie.  We had a very nice time chatting and getting to know each other.  Annemarie then drove us back to Hanna and Tino’s where a great BBQ was waiting with the family including Hanna’s brother David.

This Morning we awoke to the sound of bells.  Not alarm bells, but the sound of cow bells on Cows grazing outside of our window.  OK, Swiss cow bells are not a myth.


After breakfast, we headed to see Rhine falls, a waterfall on the Rhine river close to Schaffhausen.  It is a very wide a waterfall with a great volume of water coming over it and as you can see in the pictures it is big.

DSC_3321  DSC_3329

DSC_3334  DSC_3335

At the foot of Rhine falls is a small building that I can tell nothing about except it is named after a famous IT manager in Marysville that perhaps I have been Schlossh with a few times.


This is what the other side of Schlossh Worth looks like.


The top of the falls are beautiful as well.

DSC_3351  DSC_3352

DSC_3357  DSC_3358

We then went up the Rhine river to take a boat ride on the boat of the family.  It is called a Weidling.  This is a narrow boat that holds about 8 people that is propelled by a stick that is pushed against the bottom of the river.  It looks like a gondola with the driver standing on the back of the boat.  Hanna powered us up river for a couple of miles where we met Annemarie and had a great time swimming and relaxing on the shore of the Rhine.

DSC_3361  DSC_3368

DSC_3369  DSC_3379

photo1  photo2

After spending the whole day in the water and walking around the falls I nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home.  We have just finished a fine dinner and we are off to bed.  We will probably go to Zurich tomorrow.  Hanna’s Brother has offered to show us around the city.

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