Three French cities

We left Paris in the pouring rain, which was fine because it cooled down a bit. We headed out with the express purpose of seeing three hand picked cities by Michel and JoAnn.  First of all Versailles.  It is a beautiful place but the crowds were outrageous so we decided to skip the indoor tour and take the garden tour.  Here are some pictures from outside the Palace and the garden.  The place is very large.  This is the courtyard.

DSC_3156  DSC_3155

and the gates to the courtyard.


Michel and Brigitte.


This is the back garden — see the reflecting pool about 2 miles out.

DSC_3183  DSC_3195

This is the pond looking back at the palace.


And another pool.


After that we went to Chateau de Rambouillet and walked through its gardens.  I think this was a more beautiful garden, although not as large.

DSC_3228  DSC_3214

DSC_3206  DSC_3197


We then went to Orleans.  (this is the old one — not the new one)  It was interesting to see how the architecture was similar to the new one though.

DSC_3219 DSC_3223

After this we ended up in Tours.  We got in late but walked through the old town and had a great evening with dinner and wine and we did not get home until after midnight.  Just exhausted.

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