Evening in Paris and the morning after

We had a really nice evening at dinner last night. Michel selected a place called Les Ombres (the shadows) on the roof of the Musee de Quai Branley in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.  We ate a very nice meal and every hour on the hour, the tower twinkled at us.  The video will explain what I mean.  It was a very magical evening.


This morning we headed to the D’Orsay museum and spent the entire morning there.  There are no pictures allowed in the museum, but I took a couple shots from the terrace and overlooking the museum from an upper floor.  The museum is a converted train station which adds to its interest.  Here are a few pictures from inside the Museum.

DSC_3145  DSC_3144

This next shot is a view of the gigantic clock face looking out from the inside.  If you look closely you can see Montmartre in the background.  I thought that was a cool picture.


From the terrace I took a couple more shots of the town.  This is another shot of Montmartre and another building which I am not sure what it is.

DSC_3141  DSC_3140

We leave Paris tomorrow after breakfast.  We will be heading to Tours on our continued tour of France.

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1 Response to Evening in Paris and the morning after

  1. worthnorton says:

    I need to share Bruce’s painting of the D’Orsay clock… it is fabulous!

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