Rothenberg is a medieval walled city.  This means driving in it is very difficult within the walls.  We had a nice guest house reserved within the city, so after we arrived, we headed out to explore the city.  It is a pretty city, much smaller than the ones I have reported on in prior blogs.  Here are a few shots:

DSC_3016 DSC_3022

We had a recommendation to take the night watchman tour at 8:00 so we sat in the square and drank beer until the night watchman arrived.

DSC_3024 DSC_3025

He was a funny guy and he told stories of the city starting from the 15th century when Rothenburg was at the crossroads of two main corridors.  East west was Paris to Prague and north south was Rome to Scandinavian countries.  It was a very wealth place as they made fine wool and had inns for travelers.

DSC_3027 DSC_3028

The city has an interesting past which the night watchman provided us with in great stories but they are far too many to cover here.

DSC_3037 DSC_3038

This morning we got up and walked the top of the wall that surrounded the city.  It is only a couple of mile walk but it was interesting.  With many great views of the city and the surrounding area.

DSC_3040 DSC_3041 DSC_3042 DSC_3045 DSC_3047 DSC_3053

This is the gate I drove in through.  Fortunately I was not seen as a hostile force so I was not attacked.  I am pretty sure that tis is because I was in a BMW.

DSC_3054 DSC_3056 DSC_3057

We then headed off to Cochem.  A small city on the Mosel river that produces wine.  As soon as we left, JoAnn got the idea that she wanted to drive on the autobahn.  As soon as she started the car had that same problem — a very loud shrieking sound from the right side.


Man — I thought I was bad.

I’ll talk about Cochem tomorrow.  For now — it is 8:00 and we need to go out and try some more wine.

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