Good Morning Budapest

We greated the morning in Budapest and it was beautiful and hot!  We got going early to beat the crowds and the heat.  We walked down the Danube to the chain bridge and crossed over to the Buda side of the river.  (Our hotel was on the pest side)

The city is really beautiful as you saw in the post yesterday.  Today, by day we saw Castle hill, and the changing of the guard.  We had a cold drink in the plaza because by 11:00 AM it was already in the low 90’s.

DSC_2700  DSC_2708 DSC_2709 DSC_2712 DSC_2715 DSC_2716 DSC_2720 DSC_2704

We walked from there over to Fisherman’s Bastion (with the Disneyland looking towers) and the Matyas Church.  This is the building under renovation with the very interesting roof which is used in many of the Austro-Hungarian style buildings.  Across the river in the pictures you can make out St. Stephens Basilica with the enormous flying buttresses around the dome.

DSC_2733 DSC_2734 DSC_2736 DSC_2737

We really wanted to stay longer because there are so many things to see, but with the heat getting hotter we decided the car would give us refuge from the heat so we hiked back to the car and left for Bratslavia (only after going back to the hotel for a cold drink)

Off to Slovakia!  The drive was only about three hours and the heat outside hit 100 degrees (38 degrees for my European friends)  We kept it a cool 68 degrees in the car and we managed just fine.  We arrived around 3:00 after Brigette ran us in circles around Bratislava for a few loops.

I have a separate post for Slovakia.  Stay tuned!

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