Bratislava Slovakia

Arrived at our hotel and to our surprise, we were greeted at the door by a doorman asking to help us with our luggage. At the check in desk they brought us complimentary drinks (champagne, beer or soft drinks) helped us off to our room and showed us the summer terrace where we could have a free cold drink. Our mini bar is free and the people are most helpful about everything. Ok — this is REALLY in contrast to Budapest where we could not get a waitress in the bar for 15 minutes, even when I went to the bar to get drinks myself.  A refreshing break to have some service.

After having a bite and allowing things to cool down a bit we headed into town.  The first thing we noticed were giants hiding in nests in the trees.  I don’t know what that is all about!

DSC_2740 DSC_2741

Once again, a beautiful downtown area with a nice large plaza area.  There were musicians playing on a stage at one end and people milling around the fountain and sitting listening to the music.  We even found a table of smurfs getting quite plastered at one of the sidewalk cafes.  I cannot remember the name of the pink smurf.

DSC_2743 DSC_2745

JoAnn just can’t seem to get enough of this Bubba dress up.


We walked all afternoon until we were exhausted.  Here are a few random shots of the downtown.

DSC_2749 DSC_2764

After that we sat down in the plaza and just listened to the music and had cold drinks.  The music was mixed and pretty good — maybe half an hour per group and then a new group.  We managed to waste several hours with this activity before going for a traditional Slovakian dinner consisting of a giant plate of all types of meat, potatoes, Gnocchi with sauerkraut and vegetables.  It was great and very filling.

DSC_2758 DSC_2760

We are running a bit behind schedule, so we decided to go to Vienna tomorrow morning.  This is a pretty beautiful but small town, so we will press on.

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