After Bojan ran us all around Serbia, we were pretty exhausted, so we decided to sit out on the patio and mostly drink beer and wax on endlessly about our journeys. Bojan’s Mom, Jelica, fed us continually and we had an opportunity to recover a bit. In the afternoon, when things cooled down a bit we ventured out to the deer farm. This is an area of a national park set aside for conservation of the deer population and a breeding program as near as I could tell. Deer are hunted in this forest, along with wild boar, but the breeding program keeps the population up. The animals were really beautiful as you can see.  Some of the animals had become accustom to humans and could be pet.

DSC_2587 DSC_2589 DSC_2591 DSC_2603 DSC_2611 DSC_2612 DSC_2616 DSC_2619 DSC_2629

This morning we bid our farewell to our new friends in Serbia and hit the road.  We truly had a wonderful time with Bojan and his family.  They are a very warm family, including the extended family, and they all welcomed us into their homes with open arms.  I will miss those folks.

We will explore Budapest this evening when things come down from the 95 degree mark.

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