Novi Sad and Beograd (Belgrade)

So we just returned from a short side trip with Bojan last evening.  Bojan’s father took us to Novi Sad where we met with a couple of friends and toured the city and then we took a bus to Beograde, where we stayed for a day.

Novi Sad:

We started with a tour of the synagogue.  It was very interesting to hear the history of the Jewish people of Serbia during the 40’s.  Suffice it to say it was not pleasant.  The population was decimated and the state took over the property.  They are still fighting to get the property back.  Here are a few pictures of the synagogue.

DSC_2548  DSC_2547


DSC_2544  DSC_2546

Novi Sad is a college town.  We met with Marko and Stefan.  They provided us with a nice tour of the city and personal reflections on life in College in Novi Sad.

Here are a few shots of the Orthodox church and the town:

DSC_2560  DSC_2563  DSC_2558

and the town itself, which is very picturesque.

DSC_2550  DSC_2557

DSC_2551  DSC_2552  DSC_2555  DSC_2567

I liked this mural on the wall of a building.  There was quite some discussion of the meaning of it — the two headed bird and cutting the strings of the puppet.  Very nice.


After the proper consumption of beer, we got on the bus to Beograd.  This is a very interesting city.  It was not very clean and refurbished as we have seen in other European cities, it was bombed by NATO in the late ’90 and they have kept the bombed out buildings in pristine condition.  I am not sure why, but the story of the taxi driver helped to explain it a bit:

Taxi driver to American tourists:  Do you see that beautiful bridge there over the river?
Tourists:  No, we don’t.
Taxi Driver:  That is because you bombed it.

We did have a nice time at the Tito residence and museum and the Nicola Tesla Museum.  Here are a few shots of these:


Here is a short video of JoAnn’s encounter with a Tesla coil.

Here are a few general shots of Beograd itself.  Not many because I am running way too long here:

DSC_2569 DSC_2568  DSC_2571  DSC_2572

One final note: In an Ironic twist we went to another museum of the way things used to be in the good old days.  (really,  I could not make this up)  The museum was filled with item of the ’60’s-’90’s, sport memorabilia, old cars (Yugo’s and Zastava) and food items from the period in a nostalgic salute to the past and how good things were under Tito and communistic rule.  The museum was unbelievable and very interesting.  Here is a photo:


Somebody was really drinking the cool-aid!

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