Bojan took us to meet his Aunt in Subotica yesterday.  She prepared some traditional Serbian food for breakfast and then we walked around the town.  We attended a couple of museums and had drinks in the town center.  We met an old friend of Bojan and went to the wine shop where she worked.

DSC_2540  DSC_2542

Bojan and JoAnn went to Yugoland.  I don’t know what this is, but it was closed and overgrown.  I took a couple of pictures outside and decided not to venture inside.  JoAnn and Bojan had a nice time.  I walked over to the Toyota dealer and looked at the cars.

DSC_2534  DSC_2537


After touring we went back to Aunti Ann’s house where she had prepared a very fine meal and we met her son Steva.  He was there with his wife Svetlana and two kids Marko and Sara.  They all spoke English and we had a wonderful evening drinking and chatting until nearly midnight.

One last note for today — they have Storks here.  Here is a picture.  You cannot get the scope of size of these birds from the picture — the nest is about 3 feet across.  the birds are enormous.


We are about to head off to Belgrade with Bojan. Will be there for 2 days so I hope to have more pictures for you all after that.

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