Bojan’s House

So I apologize for being late in my updates.  We arrived at Bojans house in the evening on Friday.  Bojan was not home so we had a nice chat with his parents.  Bojan’s mother, Jelica speaks English very well and she acted as a translator for us.  It was a very pleasant evening and she had prepared a nice meal for us.  We met Bojan’s Grandparents and had a good time getting acquainted over apricot brandy and beer.

DSC_2445  DSC_2451 DSC_2446

Bojan arrived home and we stayed up most of the night chatting.

The next morning, We had a big breakfast and Bojan took us for a walk around his town.  The town is about 3500 people.  It is very small and in a rural area.  We walked to the canal and to his grandfathers crop fields where we stopped and had a drink.

DSC_2466  DSC_2463 DSC_2464

In the afternoon the entire family stopped in for a fish goulash dinner.  We met the family and even though we could not understand a word they were saying, everyone was warm and kind and we had a terrific feast.  The fish was caught by an uncle in the canals, prepared by everyone over an open fire and served over noodles.  We all had a great time and Bojan’s uncle even gave me a ride in his Yugo.

DSC_2470  DSC_2472

DSC_2477  DSC_2479

DSC_2468  DSC_2471


So the fish stew was a demonstration for what was to come.  After dinner (and more than a few toasts with homemade apricot brandy) we headed to a nearby city Sombor.  There was the fish soup competition going on there.  This was a very “fair” like atmosphere and the soup was cooking all over the main square.  In addition there were my favorite blinky lights, fair food and lots of entertainment.

DSC_2488  DSC_2486

photo_horns  DSC_2494

DSC_2507  DSC_2501

We returned late in the evening and crashed.  Exhausted for such a big day.  Today we are spending Sunday relaxing.  Bojan’s mom has gone out of her way to keep us fed.  The food is homemade and awesome.  We are eating many “special occasion” foods like poppy seed cake, walnut rolls, cheese bread and so much more I cannot even mention.  I am not sure I will fit into the car when we are done here.

One other note:  The fish soup has a good deal of paprika in it.  As it turns out Bojans Uncle Steve makes Paprika.  Here is a package:


This is the same uncle that has the Yugo and gave me a ride.  A most excellent day!

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