Zagreb Croatia

We left for Zagreb early this morning so we arrived around 10:00AM.  We sort of  splurged on the hotel and took a pretty nice one.  The Esplanade.  We parked the car and walked all over town this morning.  We saw The gardens out by our hotel, the city park with fountains and a weather monitoring station in the park.

DSC_2413  DSC_2412


We then walked into the main square and there was a folk dancing show going on.  Kinda cool dancing and outfits.

DSC_2422  DSC_2424

After that we walked through the market and art galleries.

DSC_2427  DSC_2430

The church was being restored — so we looked at it but really, I am getting tired of cathedrals – especially after that  “over the top” one in Siena.


OK — enough of the sights.  I was tired, we had walked miles finding all this stuff, so we went to the Museum of Broken Relationships at the specific recommendation of Bojan.


I was unsure what this museum was.  My thought is it may be about the break up of Yugoslavia.  Well it was not.  It was full of items that people cast off after personal break-ups.  This was a depressing museum to attend, each item had a personally written explanation of the meaning of the item.  Yes, some were just kids suffering from their first breakup which was cute, but some were death due to bad diseases and poems written by people leaving their kids as they die.  What a bummer that was.  Great suggestion Bojan!

After this we returned to the room to rest and made reservations for dinner at a place JoAnn researched.


This was really a fine dinner that took several hours.  The Cheesecake with a balsamic vinegar and raspberry reduction was truly an experience.  Following that we walked home through Ban Gelacic square and there was more of the folk festival going on.  Watch this video with those Croatians and their fancy red dresses and slamming their sticks together and stuff.

It was a real festive atmosphere.  Farther down the path there was dancing  in a large gazebo and lovers in the park.  A very nice evening.

I think it is almost time to do laundry again as well.

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