Plitvička Lakes National Park

No, Don’t ask me how we got here.  We are off plan and completely winging it.  And that is OK.

For starters — last night as we were planning to leave the Ambassador hotel it started to rain.  Thunder and lightning and a downpour followed.  Of course it did, I just washed the car!  It was REALLY raining hard.


All was clear and sunny by this morning and we headed out towards Plitvička Lakes.  I cannot pronounce but Brigette (nav system) managed to locate it just fine.  We also found a small Sobe (I think this is a Croatian term for a small hotel or B&B) that had space.  With all that sorted out we headed for the national park.  We took hiking trail “B” which included a couple of miles of hiking, an electric boat ride across the lake and a bus ride back to the parking lot.    All sorted — we started our hike.  The following are pictures from the hike.  No words can describe — so just browse:

DSC_2201  DSC_2200


DSC_2242  DSC_2239

DSC_2267  DSC_2246

DSC_2256  DSC_2268

Really — It was very difficult to choose the shots to include in the post without adding a hundred pictures.  It was truly spectacular.

As with all versions of paradise, it does come with a price.  The peace and solitude of walking through a pristine natural environment and seeing the wonders of nature is wonderful, but what you don’t see in the carefully framed pictures is this:

DSC_2272  DSC_2273


It was incredibly crowded!  There were tacky souvenir stands and coffee shops and you could not navigate the paths for the crowds of people.

Oh well it was amazing.

We plan to stay around another day and see the upper lakes tomorrow.

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