The Adriatic Sea

We headed down the coast after checking out yesterday with the idea of staying in Pula. We started by visiting Rovinj. This is a really beautiful city on the Adriatic sea with a nice market, good coffee and a beautiful walk up the hill to the church. Here are a few pictures:

DSC_2182  DSC_2184

DSC_2192  DSC_2193

It was a nice way to spend the morning.  We then headed south to Pula, but we were unimpressed with the town and the accommodations so after driving around a bit we decided to move on to a town called Opatija.  This is a small town that is clearly a vacation destination for Europe.  Very few English speakers here except the staff.  We stopped at a pretty expensive hotel but we decided to stay anyway.  We booked for two nights since we wanted a bit of rest and not just to drive another day.  This hotel is right on the beach and we are enjoying it very much.

photo2  photo1

Ya, pretty much heaven.  I am writing this while sitting on a chaise lounge on the side of the Med, under an umbrella sipping wine.  This resort has a distinctively European feel to it.  (Translation — many of the women wear men’s bathing suits)  No pictures!

Have a great day folks!

I will probably not post tomorrow since we are planning another day of the same.  Getting hot — must go swimming!

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