Spielunking, Dancing Horses and back to the Med

After a rethink of our plans, we made a U-Turn and made for two new destinations. The first is another cave even bigger than the one we visited last week. It was more like a circus with a train to take you into the cave, a one and a half hour guided tour and gift shops, gift shops and souvenir shops. It is indeed a spectacular cave but much less intimate with thousands of co-cavers joining. Photos were not allowed, but JoAnn snuck some — you will have to go look at her facebook to see them.

Following that we went to see dancing horses. Lippizaner horses are bred in Slovenia and they have a stud farm in Lipiza that we visited. I was disappointed that there were no dressage demonstrations, because watching horses dance seemed like fun, but we did get to see the horses and the stables.

DSC_2161  DSC_2159

DSC_2163  DSC_2157

After that we had a nice lunch and headed for the coast.  We are staying in Piran, a nice place on the Mediterrian coast.  JoAnn and I waded in the Med last evening before turning in.  For some reason I was exhausted and did a crash and burn at 8:00 PM.  Here is a view from our Hotel window.


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