Ljubljana by day and by night

Ljubljana is a city I will not soon forget. This day has been really memorable in many ways. First, this city is extraordinarily friendly. Virtually everyone speaks English and everyone seems to be willing to bend over backwards to accommodate. In my story of not having the right permit to drive on the freeway yesterday, I knew this because the guy that came out to park my car noticed it and told me and offered to send the bellhop down the street to pick up one for me. This is just one small example of the hospitality, but we have experienced this all day. The town is very neat, much more so than other cities that we have visited. A few shots of the city:


DSC_2122  DSC_2104

We went up the funicular to the castle on the hill by way of the dragon bridge.  There we went to the Museum and had a nice look down on the city.  We crossed the butchers bridge to get there.  I was surprised to see the butchers bridge was covered in locks — as in paddle locks.  I asked the boat tour lady why the locks were there and she explained that lovers place the locks on the bridge and throw the keys into the water as a symbol that they are locked together forever.  If they ever want to break up they have to go and retrieve the keys from the river to do so.


We went to the open air market and JoAnn bought some cherries and blueberries and we stopped to have some cream cake and poured the blueberries all over them.

DSC_2109  DSC_2108

After this we took a ride on the river. Very relaxing and peaceful.

DSC_2150  DSC_2147

Now for the best part. After dinner we walked back down town and, being a Friday evening, the place was crowded. The river is lined on both sides with very large walkways. The restaurants set out tables and umbrellas and people by the thousands go to eat dinner and have drinks. This is not just young people, but old people, families, dogs and everything else you can imagine. There are many street performers including a Mariachi band and a Bob Dylan impersonator and the atmosphere is just magic. I tried to capture it with the camera but it just can’t. Most impressive there was a very relaxed atmosphere. I saw no cops, no trouble — just everyone relaxed and having fun.

photo4  photo6
All in all a great and memorable visit.  My favorite city so far.  We also did a complete reroute as of today.  We have decided not to go to Romania as everyone we spoke with warned us against it.  (Sorry Teo)  We are staying in Slovenia for a few more days and then we may have a look down the Croatian coastline.  I’ll keep you posted.

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