Side Note:

Driving in a foreign country (especially where you have no language ability) can be nerve wracking. Lets look at this quick example:

We approached this intersection as we drove to out hotel. Briggette (our German nav computer) is aggressively stating turn left. JoAnn is saying this is a no left turn intersection and I am looking at a left turn arrow — but it is red. Holy Shit.  OK we figured out if was no left turns for trucks exceeding 3.5 tons.

As we crossed the border, we entered a toll booth — I got to the gate (which was closed) and there was a place to swipe your card — I had no card. There was nothing else except a big red button labeled S.O.S. and the car behind me was getting angry. What do I do — I press the big red button and the gate immediately goes up. Problem solved — I take off like a bat out of hell, looking all the way for the red lights to appear behind me.

No more gates or toll booths prior to reaching the hotel so I feel pretty relieved. I asked the hotel what the toll booth was all about and he said they were only for trucks — not cars. Cars must purchase an annual 20 euro sticker for the window. If I would have been pulled over it would have been 300 euros. I feel lucky!

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