We left Venice in the morning. Our car was moved from its parking place which gave a scare, but we finally found it. I claim that there are 110 km more on the meter then when we left it but when I yelled at the guy at the desk he said it was not possible. Well, all of the things are in the trunk and the car is fine so we just paid and left. It was a short drive to Trieste, perhaps a couple of hours. We first arrived at our hotel in Banne, and then we drove to Trieste which is directly downhill from Banne.  A very nice view of the city on the way and some very narrow twisty roads.

DSC_2023  DSC_2025

We visited the Piazza Unita d’Itialia and the S. Giusto Hill with Roman Ruins and the Roman Theater and we saw the Trieste Stock exchange (the pink building).  The Piazza was very nice as it sits right on the med with a beautiful view.

DSC_2031  DSC_2030  DSC_2029  DSC_2027    DSC_2033

We just sat out on the Patio at the hotel and had a bottle of Chianti for our afternoon break and it started pouring rain out of the blue with thunder and lightning.  We bought the Chianti in Sienna to bring home, but I really don’t think it has a chance.

Tomorrow — Ljubljana —  This is a city with far too many “J’s” in its name.

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3 Responses to Trieste

  1. rebecca832 says:

    I miss you guys! Glad to see you’re having a good time!

  2. Josh says:

    Dig the Florence overhead city shots from the 4th, def worth the hike…did you meet any other Restellis? haha… Our ancestors are from Carrara. Small town just north of Florence.

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