Last Day in Venice

Well today is our last full day in Venice.  Tomorrow after breakfast we will see if the car is still in the parking lot.  It is an amazing thing that they allow no cars in Venice on the Island, so all cars must be parked in a structure just on the island.  They FORCE you to leave the car unlocked and the keys in the car.  Needless to say, with all of our luggage and things in the trunk we were very suspicious of the whole process.  It seemed to us to be a way to steal all of our purchases so they can resell them.  I asked at the desk and they assured me that nobody has ever had anything stolen from those parking garages.  I am not convinced.

More on what happens on this tomorrow.

Today I was still feeling a bit under the weather so JoAnn went to the Jewish Ghetto by herself while I slept.  She tells me the photos are of the bridge to the Ghetto which was closed at night so the Jews could not get in or out, The Ghetto neighborhood and the gate to the Ghetto.

photo1  photo  photo2

The word Ghetto come from the Italian word Ghetto (pronounced Jetto) which means “behind the foundry”  which is where the Ghetto is located.

This afternoon we walked over to the Galleria dell’Accedemia and walked through it.  Lots of renaissance art by Carpaccio, Tintoretto and Belini.  We had ice cream on he way over and stopped into a sidewalk café for Lasagna.  Nice.  No pictures at the museum but I took a few shots walking through the city.  It is really a beautiful place.  We are learning to Navigate a bit better by using bridges — not street names.

DSC_2021  DSC_2020  DSC_2019


And I love this mobile fruit store:


Tomorrow — on to Trieste.  (if we still have a car)

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