Venezia (or Venice for you Amaricans)

So first let me apologize for not posting yesterday. After stopping in an Italian Autostrada side restaurant I got feeling pretty bad and spent the evening just sleeping it off. I was pretty sick.

Much better today, apparently beer is the right remedy for a stomach ache.

So today, up early in Venice. At the recommendation of the front desk we took a water taxi to the island of Murano and visited a glass factory. Just beautiful and we enjoyed the demonstrations that they provided for free (almost). The photos you see are the table centerpiece with Filigree with matching candle holders and a multi color glass setting which JoAnn really liked and the teapot set I really liked.



We also had the opportunity to meet the master glass blower and had a picture taken with him.  He seemed like a very nice guy but he did not speak a word of English.  Fortunately they assigned an emissary to us for the tour that was very happy to arrange the photo and translate for us.  They treated us like royalty and gave JoAnn a nice glass necklace as we departed.


After that we headed to an island call Burano.  If is famous for the lace.  Apparently it is MUCH better than the lace that they make in Brugge.  We had a nice visit to the store and learned that it takes 7 ladies, each specializing in a specific type of lacing to make the lace.  By the way — this is not your typical Asian child sweat shop type labor as the ladies making the lace seemed to be mostly retirement age.

Burano was the height of our day as it was not crowded and we stopped for a nice lunch on an open terrace.  There was a nice ocean breeze and we had pizza and salad.  It is a very picturesque fishing village.

DSC_1958  DSC_1971 DSC_1974

We then took a boat taxi back to Venice with great sights along the way, far too many to post.  I did put a few in to demonstrate the highlights.

DSC_1922  DSC_2014

Finally we had to hike across the island of Venice to get back to the hotel.  It was really hot by then and we were tired from hiking around all day.  We got utterly lost (which is not so uncommon in Venice since everyone we asked for help seemed utterly lost as well)  We finally found a British Girl that only appeared to be partially lost.  She helped us but it would really help if they matched the posted street names with the names that appear on the map.  That would be an  improvement.   Even though we were lost and JoAnn was ready to jump into a canal because of the heat, we made it back and got some shots along the way.


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