Uffizi and walking Florence

The Ufizzi, the museum of a bunch of old artists.  We had a tour guide that focused mostly on the Ninja turtles, Leonardo, Donnetelli, Michaelangelo — you know — those guys.  We were there at 9:30 and we walked the museum until nearly 2:00.  No pictures of the pictures were allowed but we both found them pretty nice.  After all this we walked down towards the Ponte Vecchio and saw a couple of more statues.  JoAnn was crowned the Queen of Sheeba.

DSC_1624  DSC_1620

We had Lunch at a restaurant that had a great view of the Fiume Arno (this is a river) and we relaxed while we had a very nice seafood lunch and wine.  We sat outside overlooking the river and the Ponte Vecchio.


We walked the rest of the afternoon just looking at all of the side streets and took a picture of the statue of David.  We are just exhausted after all that so we are back at the apartment resting.

DSC_1660a  DSC_1667  DSC_1651    DSC_1668  DSC_1641

warning:  Some pictures may have been edited for an American audience.


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  1. Gary Olsson says:


    Thanks for the call today, haven’t seen pic of car yet, I must have missed it, I’ll review earlier posts

    Take care


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