Sorry I missed a day. Lots of activities here at Dino’s place.

We arrived here Thursday evening and had a nice walk downtown prior to dinner with the family. Cristina, Simone’s wife, is pregnant and she had been for her ultrasound that day. She announced that it should be a boy and everyone here is very pleased. We spent some time recommending names. I recommended Guido but it was summarily dismissed. They would not even consider Stephano.

Yesterday we drove to the coast on the Med to a town called San Bartolomeo and took Dino’s boat out. Dino built this boat a some years ago, but I am here to report that it is seaworthy and we had a great cruise.



Dino boat is the Remedios.  We sailed for the afternoon and went nowhere.  We returned to the small town called Cervo for dinner.  It is the town pictured above from the sea.  We spent the evening having wine and a very nice dinner.  We did not return to Torino until after midnight.

The following pictures are from Cervo as we walked through looking at the architecture and views of the sea.

DSC_1617 DSC_1615

If you look closely, you will see a reproachful finger reaching out from the wall as if to scold the passers by.

DSC_1614 DSC_1606

This morning we are preparing to have a family dinner with all the kids.  Simone is making pizza and JoAnn and I will make an apple pie.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to head off to Florence for our week in the villa.

The following is the course we took on the sailboat cruise:


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