Munich — BMW Welt

Wow — This was my favorite day so far.  We went to pick up the car.  Took a taxi to BMW Welt and got dropped at the front door.  The checked us in and took our bags (to be delivered to our car trunk).  We had a nice lunch (all free) German style buffet with meats, breads, cheeses and drinks and .. lots of beer, lattes and soda.


I took the plant tour which was really phenomenal.  There were robots by the hundreds building cars (750 to be precise).  The first part of the tour, we saw no people at all, just robots making cars. The body is 98% automated and it was like the best episode of “how its Made” ever.  The engine line is 48% automated so there were people building there. Towards the end of the line where the seats and interior was being installed, there were lots of people and final assembly was great seeing the cars sitting still but being run on dynos. The factory is on four floors and elevators are used to move assemblies from floor to floor.  950 cars a day roll out that line and they are of several different varieties that get build on the same line at the same time.  Fascinating.

Sorry — no pictures allowed on the plant tour.

After that, we took delivery of the car — nice process and introduction to the features.  We did have a couple of hours waiting our delivery time.  There she is!


We left Munich at 4:00 hoping to get out of town before traffic.  After 4 hours driving, both we both were tired and jetlagged so we stopped in Switzerland at a town called Chur for some sleep.  Tomorrow we are off to the south of France,  about 4 more hours  drive time.  It is pretty hard to break in this engine — I am going 160kph on the autobahn (max for break in) and I am getting passed like I am standing still.

Oh — and JoAnn picked out the next car for European delivery (see photo).  She seems to think it is just right for her.


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5 Responses to Munich — BMW Welt

  1. rebecca832 says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear it’s going well 🙂 Can’t wait to see the car once you guys are back!

  2. worthnorton says:

    160kph is only 99mph! I’m sorry!

  3. Sri says:

    Mighty cool plant tour! Your car looks sleek!

  4. Sabrina says:

    Way too much fun. I’m going to share this with Jon so we can plan our next vacation!

  5. Tyke says:

    Fantastic!! Glad it all went so well. Can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!

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